Celebrities and the Kabbalah

The study of the Kabbalah -- and the charms that accompany it -- are very popular with Hollywood celebrities, including Madonna, Demi Moore, and Rosanne Barr. Madonna appears to be one of the most serious of the group as she is a regular attendee of the Kabbalah study center in Los Angeles.

Leather Bracelet with Gold Evil Eye Charms Madonna is perhaps the most noted Kabbalah follower among "Celebs". Her fascination into this realm of thought had brought her to Israel, where she visited to the graves of early Kabbalistic scholars. Though she hasn't yet taken the ultimate step of actually converting to Judaism, she has delved intensely into various areas of Jewish religious and mystical studies, and has even adopted the Hebrew name of "Ester". The 'discovery' of the mysteries of the Kabbalah has drawn her and other celebrities to not only wear Kabbalah jewelry and charms, but to actually take intensive courses in Kabbalah studies. Many of these courses are being offered by well known Jewish scholars and are conducted in several languages other than the traditional Hebrew.

Kabbalah Abundance Bracelet On her last trip to Israel, she was accompanied by fellow Hollywood personalities Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher.

Sports personalities, including British football star David Beckham and his wife Victoria have also become interested in this discipline, and David is known to wear a "Red String" Kabbalah bracelet.

Other well known celebrities that have shown great interest in Kabbalah are Elizabeth Taylor and Britney Spears, just to name a few. It is no wonder that this ancient spiritual method is gaining so much popularity, as many people in our modern world understand that satisfying their material needs wouldn't bring them happiness. Perhaps people who actually reached material fulfillment - i.e the Rich & Famous - understand this particular lesson best.

The Tetrahedron and Merkabah in Kabbalistic Teachings