The Tetrahedron and Merkabah in Kabbalistic Teachings

Kabbalistic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life -- or Utterances of Sephirot -- is a mysterious Tetrahedron (a shape with four triangular surfaces) that can be traced back to Biblical times, and to this day it has great meaning to those who study Kabbalah. According to the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis, there were two divine trees in the Garden of Eden: the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. Eventually, Adam and Eve "took a bite" at the Tree of Knowledge, but as a result lost direct access to the Tree of Life when they were subsequently expelled from the heavenly garden.

The Zohar, or Book of Splendor, is describing in great detail the spiritual knowledge emanating from the Tree of Life. It was written by Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai.

The Merkabah, a three-dimensional variation of the Star of David, is geometrically similar to the Tetrahedron. In fact it can be contained within it.

Those who are familiar with the Biblical history of the Merkabah are aware that the Prophet Ezekiel encountered a "Chariot with four wheels, driven by four angels, each with four faces." The Prophet's experience in encountering this Divine Presence had influenced Kabbalistic scholars later on.

The "Four Faces", or Chayot, represent the four earthly seasons, while the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet represent the echoes of Creation itself. Both the Hebrew letters and the Four Faces are prominent features in the Tree of Life.

Studying the geometry of the Sephirot reconnects the scholar with Divine Wisdom and fosters peace and harmony around the Tetrahedron.

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